for best results prepare your skin the night before your tan with a nice cream or lotion                         

1.   shower prior to your tan 

2.  do not wear makeup,lotion or deodorant 

3.  wear loose clothes to put on after your tan

4.  moisturize daily


             please read the following instructions for best results.

- Shower the day of your tan to remove make up, deodorant and lotion prior to your session. 

-The day you get your tan, DO NOT do anything that will make you sweat, for example cleaning, hiking, going to gym ect. This will cause an uneven result. YOU are responsible for tan when you leave. 

- If you have an event, get your tan done 2 days prior. 
For example: If your event is a Saturday get your tan on Thursday. This will allow your tan to develop to its full potential and settle beautifully. WE suggest getting your tan in the evening after errands are done.

- DO NOT use a shower gel or scrub with oil in it like Dove or Oil of Olay. Our Bamboo Scrub and ph-pre treatment was scientifically formulated to prepare your skin for your tan to nourish your skin prior to your sunless tan. It helps increase the skin cell turnover rate and resurfaces the skin. 

-  if you choose to use a use a tan extender to make your tan "last longer", we recommend our proprietary bronzer. using other products will effect your  spray tan and give you an uneven result. we can not guarantee any product on the market except our own as our proprietary products that are formulated to work together to get you an optimum result.

- hair removal should be done before your tan
- hair appointments should be made before your airbrush tan
- mani/pedi should be done before your tan

- wear loose clothes to put on immediately after your tan (yes, loose pants or a dress .no jeans! )

- wait 9-12 hours before you showering and only rinse in the first 24 hours. unless it is the rapid solution.

- do not touch your tan.if you do, immediately wash your hands or you will have color deposited on them.

- for maximum results moisturize twice a day! we love our shimmer bronzer Moisturizer and you will too! stock maybe limited.

- exfoliate your tan off completely before your next tanning session,if you have spray tan residue from a previous session we offer a spray exfoliate to get rid of the residue.if you have left over tan i will not tan you as it will effect the tan i give you.

** keep in  mind hormones and medications may effect your tan .Please consult your airbrush technician with any concerns.

-  finally! enjoy every  minute of feeling skinner and sexier you! :)

Your tan will last 6-7 days with proper care